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Photo By: Lonnie Kishiyama


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Address:1001 Kinder Farm Park Road, Millersville, MD 21108
Phone:(410) 222-6115          Hotline (410) 222-6122
Hours:7:00 a.m. to dusk

Closed on Tuesdays, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day 

Size:288 acres

visitor center

historic farmhouse  
picnic areas
pavilions (permit only)
indoor room rental (Harvest Hall)
2.8 mile paved hike and bike trail
miles of nature trails and paths
horseback riding
disc golf course
community gardens

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monthly calendar (September) 
monthly calendar (August) 
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Kinder Farm Park in Millersville is a 288-acre park that offers a variety of natural and recreational activities including walking, biking, bird watching, fishing and picnicking. Picnic tables and grills for picnicking are located throughout the park. There are two large pavilions available for rental by large groups. Kinder Farm Park has a large playground and tot-lot ideal for children of all ages. The park has a 2.8 mile paved perimeter trail and several miles of natural trails.

Before venturing into the park visit theKinder Farm Park Visitor Center. View farming artifacts from the 1930s, including a tobacco press, tools used to harvest tobacco and more. Next to the exhibit room is the Harvest Hall meeting room which holds 100 people for a seated event and 200 for a standing function. The restored Kinder family farmhouse is open to the public for tours on the second Saturday of the month. The farmhouse has returned to a condition similar to when it was built in 1925. 
Kinder Farm Park developed an agricultural history program and working farm that shows past and present agricultural practices of Anne Arundel County. Farm animals at the park are owned and cared for by the Kinder Farm Park 4-H Livestock Club. These include chickens, turkeys, geese, cows, pigs, goats and sheep.



Kinder Farm Park is named for a German immigrant family who made multiple land purchases in Millersville beginning in 1898. Over the next 50 years Gustave Kinder and his younger brother Henry Kinder turned initial purchases of land into a successful 600 acre agricultural operation. Gustave sold his property to Henry in the early 1940’s and another brother Herman sold his remaining property to Henry and his sons in 1952. 

Initial business endeavors included selling lumber from trees on their property, selling ice locally from their ponds, and developing a local milk business from 15 dairy cattle.
The Kinders, like most farmers in Anne Arundel County, worked at “truck farming” even though initially produce was transported by horse and wagon. They grew fruits and vegetables for sale at markets in the Baltimore region until the late 1940’s. Refrigeration on trains and trucks and in stores made local farms less competitive as produce could be brought from farms farther south at an earlier date in the growing season. The local farmers could not compete, resulting in reduced profit.
The Kinders were always adapting, and adjusted their focus to change the farm business to raising and selling hogs and turkeys and acquiring beef cattle. By the late 1940’s Henry Kinder and his four sons continued to expand their herds of beef cattle, maintaining 1100 - 1700 head of cattle until the late 1970’s. Raising cattle became a successful and prosperous venture with large sales to the Baltimore Union Stockyard.  The large number of cattle resulted in many acres being designated to the growth of corn on the farm property. 
By 1960 the farmland was operated by the four sons of Henry Sr.: Eddie, Henry Jr., August, and Albert. The brothers gradually began selling parcels of property to housing developers and the Anne Arundel County Board of Education for school construction.  In 1979 the four sons of Henry Sr. decided to sell the remaining 288 acres to Anne Arundel County to help preserve farm history and open space in an ever developing region. Those acres are now the land we know as Kinder Farm Park.

An extended Kinder family history is available at the park Visitors Center or by clicking here.

Content courtesy of Friends of Kinder Farm Park



Image: AACo Recreation and Parks

Kinder Farm Park is a unit of the Park Operations Division of the Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks.



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